The Alex & Andrea collection of chairs is our reflection about gender taste & material culture in the current era.

We started the design questioning the fact of how the choose of colors, materials and objects itself could be considered a masculine or feminine choice in the past, while we evolve towards a gender friendly & neutral world, where everybody is free to use or like whatever he wants without being judged for it.

We used soft round forms which could be considered a ladies’ choice in the past, contrasted with a stainless steel masculine considered structure.

The pink salmon color nowadays seen as a color for both genders is another element that makes you reflect about the fact if this chair would be considered for men or women in the past, where pink was clearly a ‘girl color’.

Last but not least, Alex & Andrea were chosen as the names for this collection, because of their use for all genders in actual society.


Together with the Alex & Andrea chairs we also designed the Secrétaire chair, below the same concept of creating a gender friendly & neutral world, questioning forms and materials from a past era.

The Secrétaire chairs were a type of lounge chair used in the 70s in most of the entrance lobbies of big corporations dominated mostly by men, with exception of the  “Secrétaire” or better known as the secretary or the receptionist from the big male bosses.

A specific aspect that was evaluated during the selection of the “Secrétaire” were her look and curves. Here traduced in a design that mixes a male considered material and color choice with organic forms that showcase us how women were represented in a mainly men’s world in the corporative companies from the past era.

What would happen if we bring our ‘masculine considered world’ in a new era were equality means each gender can live freely using wearing and liking whatever or whoever they want, without being judged for it? Is our era definitely the breakthrough for a gender friendly & neutral world?

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