As a child we always were rebellious. We were one of these kids that ran away from home, stubborn until we got what we want and more in search of doing what we couldn’t do than what we were allowed to do. That rebellion during the years has been converted in our unconformity with common things and has been our drive to challenge ourselves and the people working with us every time we have the opportunity. 


For this reason after designing for more than 10 years all type of projects with our creative studio Masquespacio, we decided to found Mas Creations with the aim to experiment more than we did before and thus seek for new challenges, creating new beautiful things that make you live new experiences through a collection of products and projects that narrate a story that simply wants to make your day more joyful. 


Through Mas Creations you are not only acquiring a nice object, but a handmade product made by ourselves or made by local artisans we have challenged to develop our singular designs. Singular designs that are not seeking to be a massive seller, but an authentic piece that shows our progress as designers depending on our personal mood and the evolution of our surroundings.

Our personal and independent approach is one that comes from our heart and that wants to draw a smile on your face and make you feel excited every time we present a new creation. We hope you enjoy our Mas Creations universe full of colors, contrasting materials and textures as much as we enjoyed designing it in our little studio in Valencia, using a few hands, a brain and a lot of passion. 





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