The Cookie Pot family is a collection of flower pots developed in marble and ceramics. 

The aim of the design was to develop a range of flower pots playing with our recognizable forms and at the same time contrast a rational material like marble with a colorful arrangement.

We love marble, but although as emotional designers we always look for more colorful marbles that evoke a stronger sense of emotions. Hereby we wanted to challenge ourselves to start working from a rational material and search how to find a more warmer touch for it.

To create the expected emotion we used organic forms instead of straight lines and colorful unusual flower arrangements.

Combining the Cookie Pots in marble with other type of warmer objects with touches of wood for example, also helps us to give them a cosy touch.

To be highlighted also is the fact that like all the other objects from our collections the Cookie Pots can be used with or without a flower arrangement. 


After the success of our Ball Pot in wood and marble, we also launched the Ball Pot collection in ceramic & terracotta.

The new Ball Pot version gave us the opportunity to convert an object made half by technology half by craftsmanship in a new version completely made by hand.

Above with this new version we were able to create a contrast between materials with a splash of color.

This evolution hereby is a clear reference to our world of contrasting forms, textures, materials & colors.


As described previously the Cookie Pots collection was both made in marble and ceramics.

Ceramics gave us a new option to play with the concept of color+form and learn about the process of colors used in ceramics, for which some colors depending on the type of object could resist the baking and others not. 

To highlight the craftsmanship of an handmade object we selected for tones of earthy colors.