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Cookie Pot Small Ceramic is a flower pot part of the Cookie Pots family; A collection of flower pots that takes its name from its round and half round forms that remind us to cookies. It is a funny range of objects with round shapes that bring a portion of happiness to your daily life. Some are made with marble, others with ceramics. Combine them at your own taste to create your own family of contrasting flower pots. Or even if you want to use them without flowers, representing the most significant characters of your own house. Cookie Pot Small Blue/Purple Ceramic version. 

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“Cookie Pot Small” is a handmade product of terracotta lacquered with a touch of color, in this case blue/purple*


DIMENSIONS: 7 x 24 x 24 cm (Width x Depth x Height)


*Being a handmade object none of the Cookie Pot Small looks like the other one. For this reason the Ceramic version can showcase slight imperfections, making the object more beautiful.


Shipping Time 4 – 5 weeks

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