The design of The Cups collection starts from our research to find a set of cups for our new home. During our search for some nice cups that could fit with our interior, we didn’t find something that could fit exactly in our world of forms, textures and colors. It is also be a bit of an obsession for us to create a universe where everything in our surroundings is created by ourselves. 

Every item gives you a different experience, converting the regular forms of cups and their plates in a completely new emotional item that will stand out on any table. 

The Cups collection is a fun collection of 4 types of cups that each are made for a different purpose with our well recognized forms, colors and textures.

The Cups collection, handmade, closely working with a local craftswoman, is a clear showcase of our search to break with the standards and reinvent our daily life into a more bright and joyful environment. 


Wine & Water Cup is a 2 in 1 cup set where the big ball is doing its work for wine, while the other is for the water. 


Combining the 2 together, the Wine & Water Cups take their inspiration from our Ball Pot collection, while reinventing the standard wine and water cups into a fun experience for any dinner table. 


Made of a big ball as a cup and a round base as the plate, the Coffee Cup is the ideal cup to drink a long coffee. As with all the other items of The Cups collection, it breaks with the traditional forms of coffee cups, while contrasting 2 colors. 

Ideal for coffee it can also be used for your other favorite drinks. 


The Champagne Cup is a cup specially made for an aperitif, although it can also be used for regular drinks.

 Its form that reinvents the standard champagne cup consists in a cone and it’s base, contrasted with 2 colors to make the experience of lifting up your drink more entertaining.


The Espresso Cup is a cup for small coffees made of a round ball and a triangle base.

The cup specifically made because of our passion for espresso coffee is a fun object that reinvents the plate of the cup and as a consequence the way of drinking coffee.