The Too Much rocking chair is the first item we designed to launch our Mas Creations collections.

The design is a clear representation of Ana’s personality with its contrasting and unexpected forms, materials and colors joyful and full of emotion.

On the other hand the idea behind the design was to represent a person by itself, as Ana is always dreaming that furniture and objects are persons in your interior.

Last but not least the Too Much rocking chair, could be used in a fixed standing position or as a swing, just creating different states of mood like if it were a person.


Together with the Too Much rocking chair we also launched the Ball Pot in wood and marble.

Ball Pot is hereby the little brother of the rocking chair, continuing with the concept of representing persons through objects.

It is at the same time an object for which we wanted to continue our research of materials that are not expected to be connected together in the same object like marble and wood.

Another challenge we wanted to tackle with the Ball Pot design is to create a decorative element that could work as a flower pot, but at the same time as a stand-alone object.

After the initial success the Ball Pot was also created in ceramic and terracotta.

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